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MSFC 2023-2024
Reversed edition 


As parents, we all share the same dream – we want our children to be happy and successful. Education is key in fulfilling that dream. That is why making smart and informed decisions about school options for your child is crucial.


Are you on the hunt for the perfect school for your child? Look no further! Introducing the Miami Parent-Powered Reverse School Fair Edition, a unique event designed to revolutionize your school search journey.

🔍 Explore, Engage, Experience
🌟 Engage in live presentations by school experts.
🏫 Tour campuses and get a feel for the learning environment.
🤝 Connect with representatives, teachers, and current students.
🎒 Discover exciting programs, innovative teaching, and vibrant communities.


🚀 Don't Miss Out!
Whether you're considering elementary, middle, or high schools, this event is your one-stop shop to explore the educational landscape in Miami. Don't miss the chance to find the school that matches your child's unique needs and your aspirations.

Ready to embark on a journey of educational discovery? RSVP now and secure your spot at the Miami Parent-Powered Reverse School Fair! 🎒🌟 #MiamiSchoolFair #LetstalkEducation


Image by Pilar Gonzalez Prieto

downtown & Surroundings

September - November  2023


South Miami & Surroundings

September - November 2023 


North Miami & Surroundings

October - December 2023

Learn about different School Options at key locations in Miami 

Connect with School Directors & Representatives

Tour Schools or Apply to your preferred School

This year's speakers to be announced...