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School Exploration & Guidance

Initial Exploration

Orientation and general guidance.

We provide a general orientation on programs and schools in Miami-Dade that best match the client’s profile, goals, interests, and budget. First, the client completes a profile analysis or questionnaire that helps us understand the client’s profile and prepare for the second step, a one hour interview. In the third step, we will provide the client with a digital guide of schools plus recommendations and options.
At the end of the initial exploration the client will be able to have a better idea of which schools to tour and choose at least 3 schools to apply to.

A Profile Analysis to fill out and understand the client's needs.

Child Profile questionnaire that will help us recommend the schools that best fit your family

Digital guide that lists the different types of schools available

1 hour of personalized consulting, explanation of how the American School System works. 

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