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Digital Learning in Miami:

The players, the tools, and the future.

May 7, 2020  from 3 PM - 4 PM

Would you like to know what schools, teachers and some parents are doing in regards to the “new learning normal”? Here’s your chance!

In this online session of the LTE Series - Digital Learning in Miami, 2 moderators will be joined by 4 Miami school administrators and educators who will further discuss what the state of the digital learning is. Additionally, how digital learning is shifting schools teaching paradigms and what we can all do today (schools, teachers and parents) to prepare for greater self-direction in the future. The floor will also be open to attendees, allowing you to share your own experiences and ask questions of the panel.

Highlights Include:

Current State and Best Practices

Learn best practices of schools, teachers and parents and leverage that
information to improve your current status.

Strategies to Harness

Explore different strategies that are helping schools, teachers and parents
navigate the shift to a must digital learning environment.

Technologies that Support

Examine the tools and technologies that are supporting the ability and
progress to create empowering and motivating self-directed learning.

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