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As parents, we all share the same dream – we want our children to be happy and successful. Education is key in fulfilling that dream. That is why making smart and informed decisions about school options for your child is crucial.


Join us at the 8th annual Miami Schools Fair & Conference on October 3 , 2020.  MSFC is the ONLY overall one-stop resource for unbiased and accurate information about school options in Miami.


You will be able to learn, preview and make up your mind about different preschool and school options all in one place. 


The 8th annual Miami Schools Fair & Conference is the ONLY overall one-stop resource for unbiased and accurate information about school options in the city.


While our usual event is live and in person, this year we are going VIRTUAL.

Through the different sessions, information and contacts we will be providing, you will be able to learn, preview and make up your mind about different options at your own pace, all in one place.


Online Class



Virtual Team Meeting

Get access to all pre-recorded sessions. Directors and representatives in Miami share with you everything there is to know about applying to preschools, elementary, middle and upper school at both private as well as public schools.

Online Shopping

Get immediate access to a bonus session “resources for parents during new school year: parenting, tutoring and learning pods”

Team Meeting

VIP Ticket holders, get a 30 minute private consultation (post-event) with the MSFC Founder and Director.

  • Rethinking Education in a changing world: keys for unlocking social, emotional and academic growth in the 21st century​

  • Choosing the right Preschool for your child: philosophies, pricing and programs​

  • Entering the Private School System: Navigating the application processes and understanding the private school system.

  • Private Schools: Things you should know when applying to Elementary, Middle  and/or Upper School.

  • ​Public School Options: Magnet, Charter and more

  • Bilingual Education and international programs in Miami


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