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The 7th Annual Miami Schools Fair & Conference is the ONLY overall one-stop resource for unbiased and accurate information about school options in the city.


Parents connect, learn and preview school options while school representatives get a chance to connect and engage with parents and the broader educational community. 

The task of researching and selecting a school for children can be daunting for parents, especially considering the overwhelming number of choices available. In Miami, it is especially hard considering that a large percentage of parents are from abroad and might not be familiar with the American Educational system. Many families are trying to find the perfect fit while navigating through endless information regarding school facilities, personnel and educational philosophies. This process is often filled with hope, trepidation, and anxiety. Our annual event empowers hundreds of parents to make smart educational decisions.

Event Description 
The Miami Schools Fair will be opened to everyone in the Miami community on Saturday October 5, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1 pm. In the past, our event drew more than 800 attendees, 25 speakers and over 35 participating schools. We have received sponsorship by many local organizations and institutions who recognize our efforts to serve Miami families with information regarding education options.

The event is held in a convention format, each school is given a space to interact with prospective families and provide information about their respective schools.

While meet & greet takes place in main lobby area, an educational conference takes place at the main conference room. We are currently considering thought leaders as panelists. If you have any experts you would like to integrate in the conference program please let us know. 

The event brings together: 

  • All those moms and dads who have children approaching preschool or school years.

  • Parents who need info on teaching styles, philosophies, curriculum, programs, application processes, etc. 

  • Families new to the area. 

  • Private as well as public school representatives. 

  • Education experts, teachers and academic community in general.

  • Local and Foreign government officials. 

  • Private sector leaders committed to supporting educational initiatives. 


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