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Basic Questions parents should ask Early Learning Providers

Because we also feel that great parents are built not made, we are bringing representation of The Children’s Movement to our upcoming expo and conference. The non-partisan grassroots movement of Floridians advocating on three pillars of early childhood, health, education and care, will be sharing with us some information on quality early learning. Here are a few questions to have in mind as parents when looking into early learning options in Miami.

  • Is the program licensed? Accredited?

  • Are references and background checks conducted on staff?

  • Does staff practice fire drills and evacuation procedures regularly?

  • How many of the teaching staff have been employed in this facility for more than one year?

  • Will my child’s teacher have training in early childhood education, First Aid and CPR?

  • How many children are there for each adult? (adult to child ratio)

  • How many children are in my child’s group? (Smaller group size can be a quality indicator.)

  • Are there policies/procedures in place for dropping off and picking up children?

  • Are there policies/procedures in place to ensure that all children are present and accounted for during and following outdoor play, field trips and other transition periods?

  • Are there written policies and procedures, including emergency plans and handling vacations and substitutes?

  • Are there written policies/information regarding philosophy of education for young children; discipline; on-going staff education/training; illness and injuries; napping; and toileting habits?

  • Do teachers welcome parent visits any time of the day and encourage parent involvement?

  • Are creative activities (e.g., music, art) offered?

  • Are they included in the rate?

  • Are meals/snacks provided?

  • Are they included in the rate?

  • What rates are charged?

  • Are there additional fees for registration, materials or field trips?

  • Will my child be happy in this program?

Office additional resources visit Florida Department of Education - Early Learning and the Children’s Movement

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