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Side Gigs for Teachers that can Last Year-Round

Side Gigs for Teachers that can Last Year-Round

In recent years, many teachers have turned to part-time jobs and side work available through the gig economy to supplement their incomes. For some teachers, side gigs are ways to occupy their time, while for others, they are necessary sources of extra money. Whatever the motivation may be, part-

work in fields related to teaching - or completely distinct - are available for the taking.

More teachers are looking for side work

Most teachers follow an abbreviated schedule, at least in terms of the school year duration. For many years, teachers have taken on seasonal employment over summer months. While filling in the few summer months with income-earning activities was an option that some teachers chose, teachers are increasingly relying on side work during the summer and the school year to make ends meet. Since the Great Recession, there is a reported 18 percent of teachers who have a second year-long job. This statistic does not include those who have “traditional” teacher part-time jobs, such as after-school coaching or leading extra curricular groups.

Types of jobs available for teachers

Teachers possess highly-marketable skills. Running a classroom according to prescribed curriculum makes teachers adept at organizing and handling tasks. The basic skills required to instruct provide a high level of communication ability that translates well in almost any field. In addition, teachers typically have shorter hours, which gives them more time in the early afternoon to do some side work. Here are some positions where teachers have found success:

  • Tutoring. From English as a second language to specific subjects, teachers can teach on the side and make money. Private companies hire tutors for after-school, in-person-based tutoring, but there has recently been an increase in online-based tutoring. Companies such as VIPKid and others often recruit teachers year-round. Tutoring does not have to be subject-based, either. Opportunities exist for reading and writing tutors as well.

  • Exam preparation. From college prep to graduate school entrance exams, there are many potential test takers who need help, and several companies that help facilitate their learning. These companies hire part-time positions, some which are remote-based.

  • Test proctors and assistants. The college and grad school entrance tests and other standardized tests need administrators. Companies hire part-time workers to monitor the test-takers during their exams. Since teachers have considerable experience proctoring their own tests, they are usually a great fit for these positions.

Not all teacher side jobs have to involve tutoring or testing. Some jobs draw from an educator’s skill set, but are only slightly related to teaching, such as:

  • Museum work. Teachers are good at imparting knowledge and have respect for history. Museums need like-minded individuals to help carry out their mission of informing the public.

  • Corporate training. Large organizations often hold training sessions for their employees. Sometimes, the information is complex and industry-specific, but other times, simpler topics are discussed, such as human resources compliance. These businesses often do not need a full-time trainer, but someone to help share knowledge from time to time.

  • Sales. Teachers are good communicators, and communication is the key to success in sales.

Many of these positions work well year-round, and can provide much-needed income without detracting from a teacher’s main job.

Keeping your side gig organized

When working a side job, it’s crucial to stay organized. Many of these side gigs can be done from home, which is a tremendous benefit to teachers with busy family lives. If the work is related to teaching, however, there can be a temptation to blur your full-time job with side work. You can prevent this with a simple home office setup. There are many ways to ensure a productive work-from-home setting. Making sure the space is separate from your daily life is key, as is have the home office well-stocked.

Teachers can increase their incomes and advance their careers through exploring year-round side gigs. There has never been more opportunity and access to these jobs, so spend your free time wisely and invest in some additional income streams that won’t take away from your day job.

Guest Writer,

Joyce Wilson

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